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Mentors page

Mentors page

These mentors are serial entrepreneurs who want to help startups.
Innovation Center Blog

Innovation Center Blog

Follow industry leaders discussing a variety of topics through the Stony Brook Innovation Center Blog
MBA Education

MBA Education

Accelerate the learning and practice of innovation: Provide innovation MBA concentration, facilitating venture mentoring services and supporting the increasing number of new ventures.
MBA Startup Consults

MBA Startup Consults

Start up companies get consulted by our MBA students to analyze their market and bring them to success. Request consulting services online now!
Innovation Research

Innovation Research

Build knowledge about innovation: Conduct scientific and practical research that leads to publications in academic and professional journals.
Latest News
The Best and Worst Times to be Innovative
In a journal article titled "Is Being a Jerk Necessary for Originality? Examining the Role of Disagreeableness in the Sharing and Utilization of Original Ideas," Lily Cushenbery of CoB at SBU and Samuel Hunter of Penn State University conducted studies of mock marketing campaigns and chat rooms to test how ideas are shared in a business setting. The results of the two studies indicate what many of us know: That combative personalities help in many situations, but people often don’t know how to tone those tendencies down when they aren’t appropriate.
Faculty Inventors Work with MBA Consultants
Engineer Reed Philips, Chemist Stan Wong, Information Scientist David Ecker, and Bio Technologist Kasia Sawicka pitched their startups to MBAs in September. They attracted 20 MBAs who formed four teams  to consult the startups. The team for Philips Energystics researched the in harbor charging of batteries of medium size boats and mobile phone charging while walking. The team for Wong's Nanotubes researched the opportunities in the fuel cell and catalytic muffler markets. The team for Ecker's Innovation Lab researched marketing via social media.  The team for Sawicka's Vaccination Patch researched the children's allergy vaccination market.  Teams executed the approved proposal for the inventor client and satisfied a term project requirement in MBA Tech Innovation. The clients learned what next steps are needed and may work with new teams in the spring semester. 
MBA Teams Plan Startups
As part of Technology Innovation (MBA 511) teams planned four startups.  SecureSafe developed a plan for an App to keep track of 30,000 early stage Alzheimer patients. This team was mentored by Capt Joe Frohnhoefer who is considering funding it.  Infinitee uses a technology to monitor and feed Co2 to plants in a greenhouse.  The technology had been developed by mechanical engineer Plimno Guzman.  Alkaline water is a startup selling PH controlled water for best health and development.  The plan focused on growing the business that had started this past fall at one location on Long Island.  The last business, Team 9 Sports Bracelet explored bring a technology and product from China to the US.
Teams of Undergrad Business and Engineering Students Propose Startups
Professor Donna Tumminello's engineers teamed up with business students from Entrepreneurship Across Countries to write business plans for a startups as term projects in respective courses.   Engineers proposed six projects and the business students jumped on four of them.  Startups included Controller for Sprinkler Systems, App for Ride-Sharing to work, Electric Power Theft Monitor, and and Personal Health Monitor.  Engineers developed the technology and business students developed the business plan. Students learned the ups and downs of cross disciplinary teams and bringing  product to market.

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Stony Brook Innovation Center

Gerrit Wolf
Gerrit Wolf, Director of the Innovation Center
The Innovation Center consults inventors and entrepreneurs,
enhances education for entrepreneurial students, and 
facilitates research on entrepreneurship and technological innovation.
College of Business
Stony Brook University's College of Business is a leading business school offering both undergraduate education and an MBA program. Our focus is on innovation, entrepreneurship, and experiential learning. Our students come from the local metropolitan New York community, as well as from countries around the globe. The College of Business provides comprehensive education that combines classroom, real-world learning, and research for the business, public, and nonprofit sectors. Our programs are taught by senior Stony Brook faculty with decades of experience. They are complemented by key executives recruited as visiting professors from throughout the tri-state region. Learn More...
Monday, January 5, 2015 11:00 AM
Entrepreneurship (BUS 353) is offered online and for credit during the winter break.  This three week online course is design...
Monday, January 26, 2015 2:30 PM
New Product Development (MBA 535) is taught by Prof Bob Ettl using the new Innovation Lab.  Students will have the opportunit...
Thursday, January 29, 2015 3:00 PM
Frey Hall 309.  Spring semester. A new collaborative course by VP Cole Camplese focuses on the development of new educational...

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