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Strengthen innovation networks: Connecting inventors, entrepreneurs, and communities with resources that accelerate venture creation and growth, while developing an entrepreneurial culture in the region. Learn more about Consulting services in Finance, Marketing, and Organizing. 

* Focused seminars bring together campus inventors and business entrepreneurs to map next steps: examples are monthly Strategy Sessions in biology startups by the Biotech Center, wireless startups by the CEWIT, and alternative energy startups in CEBIP of LIHTI for inventors and entrepreneurs. CoB faculty and MBA students participate.

* MBA students consult in teams and intern for inventors and entrepreneurs on problems in organization, market, or operation research. Over fifty projects have been completed in the last five years.

* Entrepreneurs in residence consult inventors in the PreSeed Boot Camp.  

*  MBA students participate on consulting teams with business plan coaches, industry experts, and patent lawyers to help inventor idea champion develop business plans that highlight the oppor-tunity of a new technology. The two day intense bootcamp led by Judy Albers and Peter Pritchard trains students in the practice of building a business plan with experts and results in value to the idea champion.

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