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Consulting projects by MBA students for corporations interested in marketing innovations have included social media and webpage analysis. To become a client, contact Gerrit Wolf by January 15 or August 15 at 631- 632-7744 or

Customer reward and social media: D’Ad-dario music’s marketing VP Jack Sonni want-ed to assess customer reward programs and social media. MBAs Jay Epelman, Tyler Le Floch, Kristina McGowan, and Marissa Scar-ola found celebrity birthdays and anniversar-ies attract the most customers to Facebook pages. Also, reward points may reinforce Facebook activities and product purchases, and benchmarked software for managing a customer reward program showed tradeoffs of effectiveness and costs.

Upgrade of Webpage: Vogel, director of the greater New York chapter of the Electric Auto Association wanted a more attractive web-page. MBAs Yu-Hsiang Teng, Chien-Hsun Wang, and Yi-Hsuan Wey benchmarked web-pages from the alternative energy market and from the auto industry. Ten features were found that compared the webpages. EAA was weak on most of the features such as ease of access to social media, access to useful information about electric cars, and videos of examples.

Attracting industrial customers: Chr.n, president of B&R Industries Inc, man-ufactures parts for the fluid power (hydraulic and pneumatic) industry. The business grew over a decade as a supplier to the auto and machinery industry, and the webpage needs updating. MBAs Bryan Elfant, Holly Razzaghi, and Nicholas Vicale analyzed competitor sites and assessed customer views of the website. Results showed the need for more photos and videos of standard and specialty parts.

Marketing MySmile: Dr. Fred of the SBU Dental School developed MySmile, a web-based questionnaire for assessing a patient’s dental health. MBAs Kristy Fisher, Marie Stech, and Yani Khsdija reviewed the children’s dental market. Chain Day Care market showed tens of thousands of children. Materials were developed for approaching the ten top firms in this industry .

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