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MBA Organizing Consults
Consulting projects by MBA students for corporations interested in process innovations have delivered results to AdChem, BAE, Biodex, CA, D‘Addario JKings, Motorola, and Northrop-Grumman among others. To become a client, contact Gerrit Wolf by January 15 or August 15 at 631- 632-7744 or

Industrial adhesive problem solving: How could Adchem organize its skills in industrial adhesives to solve industrial client product problems? MBA Arpita Singh, Vaibhav Kokal, and Ah Rum Kim developed three ways for VP Joe Pufahl based on competitor analyses. Results suggested a YouTube adhesive channel showing how adhesives solve product assembly problems, an iPhone app for materials engineers that computes needed result, and a Linkedin group of Adchem clients.

Reorganization of Marketing: How can the music firm D’Addario organize marketing after a series of acquisitions of new products? New VP Jack Sonni wanted to know how to organize by product and marketing skills. A job analysis by MBAs Chadha Mehak, Bing Li Tan and Shen-gnini Huang evaluated the separate tasks of work as performed now. Results showed the opportunity for specialization.

Solar Collectors Supply Chain in NYS: What is the size and structure of the solar collector supply chain in New York State? MBAs Yufei Shi, Li Xiao, and Xinwen Zhou tackled the problem for CleanEnergyRocks David Winchester. Results showed that of the nearly 200 firms in NYS, 90% of them were installers. Only 26 firms were manu-facturers of solar components, most were located downstate, and were not connect-ed to each other in a supply chain.

Patient Feedback to Dental School: What are the opinions of patients in the Dental Clinic to services offered? Dental and MBA student Ho Chen and MBA student Jeff Stith designed a survey administered to several hundred patients. Results can be used for accreditation review by Dental School Dean Miller, and for understanding patients’ ambiv-alent attitudes toward service delivered by dental students.

Big Data Feedback for Big Firms: Dr. Rong Zhao, Associate Director of CEWIT, manages an NSF grant that brings inventions in displaying Big Data to Big Business. MBAs Qian Cao, YuLing Luo, and Jackai Thanonnanthakul assessed how other university Big Data Centers gathered clients and reviewed ten Fortune 500 firms for data needs and uses. The results of this study was the selection of three firms from three different industries. These firms would be contacted by CEWIT for participa-ting in the applications of CEWIT inventions.

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