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…To the source of expertise: private and municipal finance, consumer strategy, digital strategies, user technology, logistics, inventory, IT, operations, conflict resolution, public governance…where experts assess and help execute focused solutions. That knowledge and expertise is the fabric of Stony Brook University - one of the Nations’ top research centers. And it is available to you now at
The Innovation Consultancy
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The Innovation Consultancy
The Innovation Consultancy is a 20 year growth of successful MBA student solutions to business problems on Long island. The Innovation Consultancy is focused on larger challenges: problems that are less clear and require a wide range of resources. The Innovation Consultancy is the filter to identify appropriate sources of expertise at the University — business challenges dictate that expertise in various areas, including technology, science, and more, will be brought to bear — it is this unique ability that can provide the innovative edge for your company.
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How We Work With You
     Understanding Your Needs: We meet to identify the basis of concern — essential is an understanding of the company’s challenges.

     Creation of a Profile: A profile is created by team experts, identifying the Issues that are impeding progress; a detailed description of the work that will lead to a solution is provided, including the fees to complete the project.

     Constant Communication: A senior consultant is the liaison during the course of this work, bringing the required expertise, which may be multi-faceted, to bear on the project. Experts may range across the entire spectrum of the University as dictated by needs of your company.

     Confidentiality: All information supplied by you to the Consultancy, and the final resolutions, will remain confidential.

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