Stony Brook University Innovation Center
MBA Student Consulting Projects

Whitson’s Culinary Group
Operational Assessment / Staffing
The coordination of timely staffing to match high intensity school activity is critical to efficient food service. Assessment by a faculty-led MBA group led the way to improved implementation.

Burger King
Market Strategy
The range of nationally marketed toys met with negligible consumer response in Asian neighborhoods.  On-the-ground assessment and consumer surveys concluded that premiums must be culturally identifiable-resulting in an upswing in toy sales.

Cross Sound Ferry
Image / Branding
Active networks with regional industry, including agri-tourism. Agriculture, construction, education, tourism itself and entertainment were woven into the Ferry’s brand—based on a thorough survey and assessment of the regional market—sophisticated data analysis and survey techniques were implemented through the College of Business.

Sea Town International
New Technology
A survey of effective danger zone warning systems, including RFID, iBeacon, NFC, GPS was undertaken with faculty and graduate students.  Results confirmed that RFID is restricted to short range distances.

Catholic Medical Mission Board
to expand beyond the traditional.  The results are proprietary, but new architecture embracing inbound marketing was introduced successfully.

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