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Management Faculty and Expert Resources: College of Business Faculty are the primary filters to determine appropriate sources of solution—but the nature of business challenges dictate that expertise in varied areas, including technology, science, and more must be brought to bear—and it is this unique ability that can provide the innovative edge for your company

Meet the Stony Brook ICC Experts!

Gerrit Wolf
Chair and Senior Consultant
Gerrit Wolf  - Learn More

Burke Liburt
Managing Director and Senior Consultant
Burke Liburt (CMO, co-founder, SynchroPET) - Learn More

Gerrit Wolf
Assessment and Promotion of Women
Professor Julia Baer - Learn More

Gerrit Wolf
Big Data Challenges
Professor Keli Xiao - Learn More

Gerrit Wolf
Business Sale or Acquisition
Professor Danling Jiang - Learn More

Gerrit Wolf
Competitor Analysis
Professor Thomas Sexton - Learn More

Gerrit Wolf
Competitive Strategy
Professor Theresa Robertson - Learn More

Gerrit Wolf
Conflict Management
Professor Jiyin Cao - Learn More

Gerrit Wolf
Consumer Insight
Professor Stacey Finkelstein - Learn More

Gerrit Wolf
Owner Succession
Professor Richard Chan - Learn More

Gerrit Wolf
Team Innovation
Professor Lilly Cushenbery - Learn More

Supply Chain Efficiency
Professor Katzumoto

Learn More

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