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Accelerate the learning and practice of innovation: Provide innovation MBA concentration and Undergraduate Entrepreneurship minor for Non-Business Majors, facilitating venture mentoring services and supporting the increasing of the number of new ventures.

MBA Concentration consists of any of the four following courses: New Product Marketing (MBA 535), Market Research (MBA 565), Merger and Acquisitions (MBA 552), Total Quality (MBA 509), Organization Development (MBA 538), Lean Launch Pad (BUS 554), IP Strategy (BUS 399), Social Entrepreneurship (MBA 571) or Entrepreneurship (MBA 570).  Also required is Tech Innovation (MBA 511) and Consulting Project with an Inventor or Entrepreneur (MBA 521 or 522). Started fall 2012.  As guest speakers in MBA innovation classes, inventors and entrepreneurs join faculty, receive feedback, and students learn from start-up and entrepreneurial experience.  MBA students participate annually as consultants to inventors in a PreSeed Boot Camp. Seventeen participated each year on eight inventor teams spring 2011 to 2014.  Students enroll in joint MBA degree with BA, MS in Engineering, or MD degree. MBAs intern in Licensing Office, LIHTI, CEWIT, CEBIP, and AERTC.  MBA students develop business plans with engineers for the DARE competition on campus and national competitions.

Entrepreneurship Minor for undergraduates who play a range of roles from technological innovators to social change agents and from change agents to international adventurers.  Non-business majors only may apply to the Entrepreneurship Minor. This may be done at any time during their academic career. Students must have successfully completed a Statistics course prior to applying.  Completion of the minor requires 18 credits. The following courses comprise the Entrepreneurship Minor: Required Courses are:

BUS 111: Introduction to Business AND BUS 364: How to Build a Start-up AND Bus 330: Principles of Finance
BUS 399: Intellectual Property Strategy OR BUS 401: Negotiation Workshop
BUS 331: International Finance OR BUS 332: Entrepreneurial Finance OR BUS 336: Mergers & Acquisitions
BUS 353: Entrepreneurship OR BUS 383: Social Entrepreneurship OR BUS 337: Entrepreneurship Across Countries

All courses must be taken for a letter grade and passed with a grade of C or higher.

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