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Innovation Priority #1: The New Day

May 04 2019

The most helpful topic for an Innovation Center blog would seem to be examining whether innovativeness can be instilled in people the way installing computer programs enables us to do different things, and if so, how is it downloaded, or learned?  Is there a single Skill Set underpinning all the other attributes that are identifiable in the majority of innovators, short of the few savants floating around, and even there?  Do innovations like the light bulb and Internet arise out of nowhere, or evolve as species do: putting similar things together again and again, and how is that done? 




                                       Thus, even without being spoken, a simple idea will of its own
                                    accord excite admiration by means of the greatness of mind
                                    that it expresses …                 
Longinus, The Art of the Sublime

   … any man's death diminishes me,                    because I am involved in mankind.
                  And therefore never send to know for whom
                  the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.
  Donne, No Man Is An Island


Everyone wants to make a living; even children think about being something or other when they grow up, BUT …you also have to LIVE in the world where you work.  There were more terrorist acts in the news recently.  Must you wait till someone you love is in one, or worry that YOU will be next—we’ve awready had some at universities, shopping malls, and concerts, trains and planes—to realize that the world actually ENDS every time someone dies needlessly, be it at the hands of a terrorist, starvation, or an easily preventable disease, if only for that person, and the only reason you don’t see it is that you’re stuck in your own little world?
Each and every one of you—in every department, not just this MBA in Innovation one—spend a LOT of time thinking about innovations of all kinds all that Brain Power actually CREATING some, yourself: LOTS of them over the course of time.  THINK for a moment about Brain Power scattered over a million separate goals, being joined in unison like bees in a hive to bring peace and prosperity everywhere, once and for all!  Multiply that by 3000 colleges and universities in this land of ours alone with as much prosperity as half the rest of the world combined, and yet millions still go hungry and wander homeless, often with children in tow, even here, because the high and mighty, who created the marvels we enjoy and sent men to the moon half a century ago are blind to what is going on all around them, just beyond their castle walls.  Divide the Gross National Product by the number of people, and you have over half a million dollars for every four-person family each year.  We don’t have to go there to see there’s plenty to go around and still leave more than enough for the few at the top to philander away. 
adical?  Maybe, BUT ... the rest of the civilized world is ALREADY socialized democratically.  May-hay-hay-be if the downtrodden elsewhere had decent lives, which our selfishness is preventing, they wouldn’t feel compelled to terrorize us into submission.  Any of you fine, well-educated minds ever think of that?  Who are we protecting?  Yes, I know: the helpless people Over There, caught in the middle, BUT … would they be, but for the ridiculously wealthy both here and there?  I don’t know; do YOU?  I’m just a writer, making this up as I go, with the fond belief that everyone—well, almost everyone—wants peace and prosperity everywhere, too, and the vague suspicion that the only—I rrrepeat, ONLY—reason it hasn’t ever happened is everyone’s SKEPTICISM that it CAN, so we don’t DO anything about it.   Maaaybe there are other ways without rocking the boat. 

And REMEMBER: you and your loved ones are in DANGER all the time until we at least do SOMETHING.  That’s the whole point of terrorism: nobody ever knows who’s next; where the next bomb or machine gunner will turn up.  We get lulled into apathy because it’s always somewhere else … so far.  The internet and cell phones didn’t get the way they are in a day, any more than Rome did.  Peace and prosperity won’t, either, BUT … we have to start; we really have no choice.  Do we really want to wait and see if they can get their hands on a really big bomb, big enough to disintegrate whole cities?  And of course if they can get one, they can get more.  Every now and then The Question comes up, then vanishes from the public’s eye, BUT … make no mistake: it’s still THERE, and people at the top are forever keeping a vigil.  Now WHY would that be?  Because it’s a real, CONSTANT possibility.
Gives me an idea: some of you have to know how to use social networking well enough to spread the tidings and get the billions of people on it on board, or know how to find people right here who do.  Where are the would-be novelists and actual ones in the English Department?  Where are the Guernica’s from the Art Department?  There has to be a way to make the killing stop for just one day, then make it through another day.  People quit smoking; kick heroine.  Killers reform.  Old saying: it never hurts to try.  Who knows?  It just may work, and wouldn’t you like to go down in history as The Person Who Straightened Everything Out?  Might even get you a good job somewhere, a REALLY good one!

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