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Big Idea Speakers
Rich GelfondThe Entrepreneurial Journey. Rich Gelfond, SBU alumnus and CEO IMAX, was inter-viewed on Nov 15, 2014, about being a life long entrepreneur and taking advantage of opportunities with innovations.  He spoke to students and LI entrepreneurs in the Entrepreneur Edge Series started by entrepreneur Bruce Newman. 

Partnership and Growth, Bernie Brenner, CoB and SBU alumnus, and Executive VP of TrueCar, Spoke on April 30, 2014, about his book, the Sumo Advantage, describing startup partnerships with big business for mutual benefit.

Innovation Lounge and Lab

Stony Brook University Innovation Lounge and Lab The Lounge connects Harriman Hall to the Physics Building at the second floor in a Google like glass room.  It symbolically and actually provides a meeting place with cafe tables, hot and cold drinks, and WIFI connections.  Faculty and students and inventors and entrepreneurs can meet to discuss and plan innovations. The lounge is open seven days a week.  It can be reserved for meetings but usually open for team meetings and study at any time. 

Stony Brook University Innovation Lounge and Lab The Lab in 210 Harriman Hall is where new products are designed by students, who use 3D printers.  It reflects the setting of technological innovation from the 60s at AT&T's Bell Labs, and is also the place of the foundations of science at SBU.

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