Innovation Center Mission
The Innovation Center’s MISSION is the creation of wealth by new and growing high tech businesses on Long Island that have global impact. The process involves assisting in the identification of new product and process ideas that will succeed and the means of taking these new ideas to market. The Center facilitates the marrying of the Invention resources of Stony Brook University to the expertise of a select group of entrepreneurs who understand opportunity as well as the means to exploit it.

The Innovation Center rests on the following three pillars:

Creative inventions come from the Tech Centers of the University.

Alternative Energy Tech Center Center for Internet and Wireless Tech Long Island High Tech Incubator Bio Tech Center

* Entrepreneur Partners: Panels of entrepreneurs from LI business, and University Facilitators help take an invention to market.

Business Entrepreneurs:
Jim D’Addario, Marc Alessi, David Calone, David Crane, Mike Daly, Stefan Doering, Michael Espina, Mark Fasciano, John King, Burke Liburt, Mark Lesko, Bruce Newman, Phil Palmedo, Joe Pufahl, Paul Schwatz, Jack Van de Wetering, Vincent Tang, Doug Whitcomb, and Mark Wilson

Stony Brook University Facilitators:
Mike Bielski, Sean Boykevisch, Anil Dhundale, David Hamilton, Jennifer Hsieh, Jeff Saliens, AnnMarie Scheidt, Satya Sharma, Wendy Tang, Donna Tumminello, Larry Weber and Rong Zhao. Also, Kimberley Elcess and Poorni Upapedi BNL and Karen Sobel-Lojeski in Technology and Society 

* College of Business (CoB) MBA students and faculty assist inventors and entrepreneurs in solving problems and facilitate their relationships

Alumni and Student Entrepreneurs:
Fred Amell, Scott Axelrod, Sharon Barkum, Alice Debiasio, Andy Dorman, Tal Eidelberg, Selina Griffth, Jim Keane, David Kerezius, Susanne Koster, Peter Rusy, and Joe Scaduto 

College of Business Faculty Facilitators:
Camille Abbruscato, Rafael Aguayo, Julia Bear, Justin Belkin, Peter Caprariello, Richard Chan, Lily Cushenbery, Bob Ettl, Mike Kamins, Manny London, Mark Palermo, Ethan Pew, Noah Smith, and Gokhan Toma 

Stony Brook University Innovation Center, Stony Brook, NY 11794-3775

Phone: 631.632.7171
Fax: 631.632.8181