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    The faculty from the Innovation Center who learned about the startups by Israeli students were Dean Manuel London of the College of Business, Dr. Nancy Garoff of the Provoist Office,  and Professor Dr. Lily Cushenbery of the College of Business.

Dafna Kariv

Dr. Dafna Kariv is the chairperson of the department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship and the Chair of the Center of Entrepreneurship at the School of Business, College of Management - Academic Studies (COMAS), Rishon Lezion, Israel. She is a member of the Chair of Entrepreneurship at HEC, Montreal, Canada.

Dr. Kariv is the author of "Entrepreneurship: An International Introduction", Routledge, UK, and "Female entrepreneurship and the new venture creation", Routledge, NY., Her forthcoming book "Creating the Social Venture" (co-authored with Prof. Coleman), is also signed with Routledge, NY.

Dr. Kariv's research focuses on international entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial performance and gender. She is a recipient of several prized funds including the European Commission funds, is active in practical programs for young entrepreneurs and serves as the consultant of the Ministry of Education for entrepreneurship programs.

Shachar Nahari

Shachar is the co-founder and co-director of the IESC Program, and the head of the College of Management – Academic Studies, Israel (COMAS) Student Union Foreign Relations department. He is completing his Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Management, and will soon begin his MBA in Business Management. His responsibilities include leading student delegations to international conferences, such as Humanitarian Delegations to Nepal and Africa, and to a recent significant conference in Poland. He has also participated in the international ‘Model’ United Nations Conference in Israel as an academic.

Shachar is a passionate 29 year-old entrepreneur who is deeply committed to the “Think Different” philosophy, and worked in the hi-tech industry at various positions in leading companies including managing iDigital in Tel Aviv, Apple’s premium reseller in Israel. He has also worked for the Jewish Agency. Shachar served in the Israeli Army in a paratrooper's special unit, and periodically commits to reservist duty.

Maor Cohen

Maor is the co-founder and co-director of the International Entrepreneurship Students Community (IESC) at the Foreign Relations' department - Student Union. Along with Shachar Nahari, he leads student delegations to international conferences, such as Humanitarian Delegations to Nepal, and to a recent significant conference in Poland. Prior to his academic studies, Maor served as the Defense AttacheĢ Assistant at the Israeli Embassy in Berlin. He is now completing his Bachelor of Laws LLB and BA in Communication in the College of Management - Academic Studies, Israel (COMAS).

In 2013, he was awarded a Certificate of Excellence from law school and a Certification of Appreciation for participating in the International ‘Model’ United Nations Conference in Israel. Maor also participated in the 2014 moot court competition attended by Dorit Beinisch, the Former President of the Supreme Court in Israel.

Natalie Waldman

Ms. Natalie is studying business management, majoring in marketing and advertising in the College of Management - Academic Studies, Israel (COMAS), and is a participant in the IAA (International Advertising Association) program.

From an early age, Natalie has had a strong interest in active play, running and sports. She performed her military service, and then focused her love of fitness and health to become a gym instructor and a personal trainer. As a young adult, she joined ‘Aharai’, the social educational organization dedicated to grooming young leaders and promoting youth networking. Today she is promoting a social enterprise to encourage people to be more physically active and thereby improve their overall quality of life.

Her mission is to motivate, inspire, and educate others about the benefits of exercising and living a healthy lifestyle.

Dean Shub

Dean, a native Israeli, is an independent IT consultant in the CTO office at Israel Electric Company. He is in his third and final year at the College of Management - Academic Studies, Israel (COMAS), completing his Bachelor of Science degree.

In the IDF, Dean served as a team leader for web technologies, finishing at the rank of Captain in the elite computer unit of the IDF, ‘Mamram’ after 9 years. He designed and created an open source infrastructure system named ‘JOE’ which won the 2013 PC magazine award.

Today, Dean is developing his Voice Recognition Assistant startup at the College of Management Entrepreneurship Center, and is starting his own mobile/web system development company.

Lihi Gershowitz

Lihi Gershowitz is currently an MBA student of business administration, specializing in marketing and advertising at the College of Management - Academic Studies, Israel (COMAS). She has a BA in Communication and Management.

Lihi has extensive practical experience in marketing and advertising. She is currently the owner of "Atar2", a company that offers internet solutions, including website building and development for a variety of customers. In 2012, she began to expand her "E- forms" project, which is an intelligent solution for organizations using electronic forms. One of the many advantages of this system is its positive environmental impact.

She is currently a member of the ‘IES Community’ project, dedicated to the nurturing and promotion of young entrepreneurs.

Lior Revivo

Lior is an ambitious entrepreneur who has been deeply immersed in the internet sphere for many years. He is studying for his BA in Business Management & Marketing at the College of Management - Academic Studies (COMAS). As a student, Lior won 1st place in the college marketing and entrepreneurship contest for his ‘SafeCross’ project, an interactive lifesaving crosswalk which enjoyed widespread media acclaim. Born to meet challenges, he is working on his second project as a part of the COMAS center of entrepreneurship incubator program.

Today, Lior is the founder and CEO of - a unique and innovative web portal created for parents who wish to easily organize their children's birthday parties and celebrations in one convenient place. Lior loves learning new things and is ready to take on his next challenge.

Vered Cohen

Vered holds a Masters of Science degree in industrial management engineering from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, and is currently completing her MBA at the College of Management - Academic Studies, Israel (COMAS), specializing in Entrepreneurship & Strategy.

Vered’s professional career includes a position at Intel as strategic engineer, as a project manager in a private global homeland security company, and she currently holds a position as an engineering project manager at Apple Israel.

In her free time, Vered enjoys running and has been satisfying her entrepreneurial talents by developing solar recharging stations in the shape of trees which will provide free charging for smartphones, electric bicycles and laptops.

Itai Tevet

Itai is a cyber-security specialist, with 7 years of experience in programming, security analysis and team management. He currently works at a government organization, and will soon graduate with his BSc in Computer Science from the College of Management - Academic Studies, Israel (COMAS).

At his former job, Itai was responsible for training hundreds of developers in the elite IDF unit ‘Mamram’. He is also the Co-Founder of the Flow-Extension project which assists programmers in searching for code, and develops many pet projects to satisfy his curiosity and passion for entrepreneurship and innovation.

Shir Hen

Shir is in her second year of study for her Bachelor of Design degree from The Department of Interior Design at the College of Management – Academic studies, Israel (COMAS). Her studies cover a wide range of disciplines including design for public and private spaces, stage scenery, Eco design, innovative materials, art history and theoretical research.

Shir has volunteered for the Jewish Agency and the Ramah movement, and has been a member of the humanitarian delegation to Nepal. Shir is a participant in COMAS’s ‘Designers' Clinic’, with the goal to better everyday life through the power of design and architecture. She is also a passionate and enthusiastic member of the IES Community, integrating design and entrepreneurship into the mission of IES.

In her free time, Shir enjoys writing, photographing and exploring different types of art & fashion. Recently she served as a curator in an artist exhibition at Jaffa.

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