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       Startup teams of freshmen picked four big problems to turn into business opportunities this spring semester.  Working in the Innovation Center, the opportunities chosen by the teams were apps supporting healthy eating, better transportation on campus, entertainment and fun promoting local talent, and campus activity information driven by a student's interests.

app was developed by Shelby Hunter,  Louis Lorber, Stephanie Martello, and Lindsey Waite. It tracks daily the healthy food items and their prices in all the dining services on campus.  Students can find the nearest less expensive and healthy food and the food service can track and increase sales. The app would be funded by the food service and designed by student computer science students.

       Cactus or Campus Activity U Search, app was developed by Brian Zhang, Amal Joshy, Nixon Yu, Lujia Chen and Haoyu, Wang,  Like the music app Pandora, it asks for the the personal interests of a student, searches matches items in campus activity data bases of lectures, concerts, sports events, and club meetings.   these items would be calendarized.  Thumbs up or down would help the app learn what activities were of interested. The app my be developed by a team member

       Art Link app was developed by Vanessa Chan, Clark Moore, Arjun sharma, and Joseph Abdelmalak,  This assumes their that students have music, humor, and artistic talents that can be organized in a database and scheduled for events for the campus in need excitement and fun.  These events would be inexpensive or free, occur regularly around the campus, and promoted by the app. Low priced tickets for events would fund the peoject.

        TI-95 app was developed by Aditya Bisht,  Jonathan Chu, Elizabeth Uoo, Kai Feng Liu, and Oliver Huang. The need is better information about buses and bicycles on campus.  The app would track bus schedules, increase bicycle locations, and monitor bicycle availability.  A prototype app for buses would be acquired and new locations for bicycles negotiated.  Advertising from local businesses would fund the project.

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