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While she interns in the human resources division of Barclay’s Investment Bank this summer, Jewelle Brown is working towards a dream — or two or three.

The Stony Brook senior, who discovered her love for human resource management while taking classes in the College of Business, plans to go to graduate school for a combination law degree/MBA and to be both a business owner and legal counsel in a human resources department. A tall order, but if her current accomplishments are any indication, Jewelle is already a seasoned multitasker.

“I enjoy seeing the way businesses operate and what makes them profitable,” says Jewelle, a Business Management major with a concentration in operations. “I especially love the people management aspect of business, but I also enjoy the finance side.”

Barclay’s is not Jewelle’s first foray into human resources. Last summer she was selected for an internship at Moody’s, where she helped to create a campus recruiting brochure, researched recruiting methods, onboarded a new cohort of hirees, and worked with the diversity and training and development sectors. During her 10 weeks there, Jewelle narrowed down her interests to three areas: campus recruiting, diversity and inclusion, and training and development.

The Barclay’s program will entail similar responsibilities. In the year between Moody’s and Barclay’s, Jewelle has been interning in the University’s dynamic Career Center, matching up academic and administrative departments with student employees and interns.

Jewelle, who found her Moody’s internship through the Career Center, credits her mentor, Margot Palermo, with giving her the confidence to pursue her dreams. Palermo is the College of Business Honors Program Director. A strong proponent of experiential learning, Palermo encourages her students to master the course material in small groups and frequently brings in companies and speakers to support what she presents in the classroom.

Callout Quote“She’s amazing. I’m on the track that I am today because of her,” Jewelle says. “I was a freshman in her Business 150 class, and she pulled me aside and said hey, there’s this great internship program called Inroads [a national program whose mission is to develop and place talented underserved youth in business or industry and prepare them for corporate and community leadership]. I applied and got into the program, and after interviewing with various companies I was placed at Moody’s, working with the campus recruiting team.”

“Jewelle is such a hungry learner,” says Palermo. “As a freshman she’d sit in the front row and set herself apart from others by her hunger to learn and her drive to achieve.”

Jewelle’s minor in Africana Studies provides a good complement to her major. “I want to help people, especially the underprivileged and underrepresented in society. To do that I need an understanding of history, so I’m taking history and literature classes. I like it because I get to do something so different from business, and I’ve learned so much I wouldn’t have without delving into it.”

This summer Jewelle has little time for either history or literature.

“Barclay’s is an investment bank and they work no less than 50 hours a week,” she says, laughing. Obviously, that’s not a deal-breaker for Jewelle.

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