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Engineer Reed Philips, Chemist Stan Wong, Information Scientist David Ecker, and Bio Technologist Kasia Sawicka pitched their startups to MBAs in September. They attracted 20 MBAs who formed four teams  to consult the startups. The team for Philips Energystics researched the in harbor charging of batteries of medium size boats and mobile phone charging while walking. The team for Wong's Nanotubes researched the opportunities in the fuel cell and catalytic muffler markets. The team for Ecker's Innovation Lab researched marketing via social media.  The team for Sawicka's Vaccination Patch researched the children's allergy vaccination market.  Teams executed the approved proposal for the inventor client and satisfied a term project requirement in MBA Tech Innovation. The clients learned what next steps are needed and may work with new teams in the spring semester. 

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