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Six inventors from SBU science faculty and staff marched through a two day PreSeed Boot Camp on March 6 and 12. The kickoff was held at the Garden City Hotel the evening of March 4 followed by the Tech Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame. The two day Boot camp was held at the SBDC on Campus. Three of the inventions were in biomedical field and three in alternative energy.
Each inventor had a team of consultants to support and advise during the two days. Each team had a serial entrepreneur, a patent lawyer, an expert in the scientific field, and one or two MBA students who have been studying Tech Innovation. The teams went through a structured curriculum each hour of the two days.  The structure was to write a PPT slide each hour that cumulatively produced a thin business plan.  At the end of the second day each investor presented the thin business plan to a  panel of angel investors.  The results of the feedback gave the inventor information about creating a startup or returning to the lab. The Boot Camp was organized by David Hamilton of CEBIP.

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