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Eleven innovation teams presented business plans to a panel of venture capitalists at the LIHTI on May 23, 2012. 

First place of $30,000 was won by graduate student Karol Stepaniuk who designed and plans to sell an electronically controlled canopy, Lopak, for a wheel chair. Second place of $20,000 went to undergraduates Alex Dimitriyadi and Moche Malik who developed and sells Campusvine, a website for student governments to manage vouchers and event promotions. 

Honorable Mention went to medical student Jonathan Young for development of external brain stimulation procedure for treating depress-ion. Also from the Medical School, Michael Foreman developed software for helping women having reconstructive breast surgery and Kevin Grassi developed software for doctors to easily calendarize patient treatments 

Other undergraduate startups were VIA News by business major Daniel Perrucci that offers current event software to college and high school classes. Alex Raffia proposed MyKicks, inexpensive designer sneakers. Ming Chan proposed a discount shopping app. Engineering student Rafael Piersiak offered an inexpensive device for measuring red laser reliability. 

MBA student Joyce Philbin-Collier proposed electronic rejuvenation of Collier publishing. PhD student Robert Ott described a BtoB website for green businesses 

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