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The College of Business MBAs consulted in the last year seven Innovators of the Year Winners.  Innovate LI announced five winners in each of the following categories: Software Biotech, Clean Energy, Food and Beverage, Science and Technology, and Invention. The seven winners the students consulted are Buncee – Marie Arturi inSoftware, SynchroPET – Marc Alessi in BioTech, ThermoLift – Paul Schwartzin Clean Energy, Brimes Energy – Ramuel Maramara in Clean Energy, Triglia Technologies – Joseph Triglia in Clean Energy, Sulfcrete – William Biamonte in Clean Energy, and ImmunoMatrix – Kasia Sawicka, Stony Brook University in Science and Technology.

These consultations by the MBAs were arranged by the Innovation Center.  Students signed up for startup projects in the Industry Project Course and in the Tech Innovation Course.  Projects run a semester and are supervised by faculty associated with he Innovation Center.  Students learn how to apply class learning and clients get an improved business plan.

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