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Twelve technology startups in September challenged 60 MBAs with business plan issues.  This past week the MBA teams of five students each delivered reports to the startups.  Rich Gilbride of FSA raved about the study of mobile ordering on 64 campuses.  Brimes' Ram Maramara was enthusiastic about the analysis of four potential markets for the Jelly Fish wave electric generator.  Bonded Energy's Jerritt Gluck appreciated the refinement of his business plan for turning NYC apartment buildings with steam radiators into smart systems with wireless sensors.  

Other successful projects included analysis of the following technology markets: wireless electricity for alum Alberto De Leon, biomass to diesel fuel processing for BNL nanotech also for BNL, green concrete for Sulfcrete's Bill Balamonte, and balancing aided shoe for Medical Engineering students. Remaining projects included marketing a new heat exchanger for Paul Schwartz of Thermolift, learning to learn training material for bloger David Myer, a new technology for polluted land for Bluestem, and a grant proposal for new water filter.for Plinio Guzman   These projects were the lab part of the Tech Innovation MBA class. 

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