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SBU alumni pitched his fall their recent startup businesses to students in Entrepreneurship across Countries, BUS 337.  The students tested the products or services, provided feedback to the alumni entrepreneurs, and sought help with their own startup plans from the alumni.

Joe Mancini, SBU 2015, demonstrated Sept 14 his Groupon like business called Stomp US.  He is testing it for the promotion of small businesses on and near campus to offer sale prices for items to SBU students. He has a prototype software for which he is looking for proof of concept using the FSA campus businesses.  With proof on campus, he plans to raise funds and expand the concept beyond the campus and internationally. 

Kaydon Davis, SBU 2018, started Island Soul fast food in East Dining last spring. He reported on Oct 19 that as a Jamaican, he and his partner developed a native menu that offers attractive and authentic food from the Caribbean. His business has been successful and he needed to delay his education. He jumped at the opportunity to build the business as a stepping stone to starting an energy business in Jamaica in the future.  He is a Tech and Society student and graduates next semester.

Rachel Jaffe, SBU 2014, pitched on Oct 31, the Adjacent App that links student startups seeking feedback with the business. Students will test the App by seeking support for their own startup ideas developed as part of class. They will link to several hundred students from around the world seeking startup guidance. Rachel will get feedback at the end of the semester on her App

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