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Tal Eidelberg, CEO of Intrigma and SBU graduate 2007, talked with the Innovation class MBA511 via Facetime on October 28 about the startup of his emergency room staffing business ten years ago and its growth.

 His idea came from a project class in which he used soft-ware developed for managing the Israeli army to managing an emergency room.

His marketing approach originally was to lower the cost of staffing.  Today in addition he focuses on the happiness of the staff with Intrigma’s approach.  Intrigma is developing new processes that match the expertise of staff with the needs of expected patients that cuts costs and increases satisfaction.

He challenged students to send him new business ideas for the health care and medical field. He would give them feedback on their ideas. Working students asked the most questions and reported afterward that they saw how he had been successful.  He answered questions about finance saying he boot strapped his growth with no outside investors and did not say what its present value is. 

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