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An Entrepreneurial Finance Center is being planned by Richard Chan, Professor of Entrepreneurship. He has published on Crowd Funding and and startup investor biases.  He wants to gather related faculty interested in behavioral factors affecting investors.  

Danling Jiang, Professor of Finance is interested in professional investor behavioral biases. Stoyan Stoyanov, Professor of Finance, who has worked in a startup, and Keli Xiao Professor of Management who focuses on Big Data have joined a weekly lunch. The group meets with others around campus such as Peter Donnelly of Tech Transfer Office, Rong Zhou of CEWIT and Gerrit Wolf of the Innovation Center.

  The Center would support and promote research of the interested faculty and education in entrepreneurial finance for finance majors. The Center would foster SBU student startups that could be of interest to U.S. and Chinese investors.  AMS student Matt Johnston has suggested AMS and Computer Science students who enter hackathons might be drawn into finance startups. He suggested the use of Piazza website to link AMS and BUS students. Courses now use Piazza and across course connections are being explored.

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