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Amazon’s innovation as SBU’s bookstore ends after two years in June 1918 as part of the shutdown of all of Amazon’s half a dozen innovative virtual bookstores nationwide. It will continue with its lockers on campus for fast delivery of small products from the website. The Faculty Student Association (FSA) now searches for a new onsite bookstore vendor.

Amazon succeeded in fast, free delivery in 24 hours of new and some used books and small size items from the Amazon website shipped to lockers in the library’s firs floor. Students and staff picked up orders at kiosk’s when notified by Amazon text messages that the shipment had arrived.  What failed were faculty orders for low priced electronic, used, and rental books and special educational materials, and student desires for specialized SBU spirit items and payments by government and scholarship aid.

Two vendors with the majority of the University bookstore market are bidding on the new contract. Both have made acquisitions of software and used book firms managing text and educational material distribution. The minority of university bookstores are self-operated.  All campuses wanted to lower cost of texts, and create a welcome place for students and visitors.

Barnes and Noble has the majority of larger campus contracts, is headquartered in nearby NYC, is publically traded, and was split off recently from Barnes and Noble Books in malls.  Follett has the majority of smaller campus contracts and grades K-12, is privately owned, and is headquartered in Chicago suburbs. 

The search committee is visiting two B&N bookstores and two Follett bookstores in the region. Half the visits will be to public colleges and half to private universities. Data will be collected about space, size, usage, and design of the bookstores.  Also, users and managers experience will be assessed. 

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