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MBA teams consulted six Tech Startups from campus incubators during the fall. Each team of three to five MBAs responded to one of the RFPs from the six Startups presented at the semester beginning.  Each team wrote a proposal to a chosen Startup for what and how the applied research would be done. 

After negotiation of the final proposal, each team executed a study of competitors or customers for a startup.  At the semester end, results were presented in a power point in the final class and a final report to some rave reviews of the client.  The project was required for MBA 511 Technological Innovation.

Neural Net is a wireless sensor system for a utility firm that receives instant electric line breakdown information.  Entrepreneur Martin Arellano wanted to know website and app features for a nationwide sample of utility firms. Analysis by the MBA team of Chris Lafergola, Melanie Noye, Zibai Wang, and Edmund Yaworski found larger utilities had simple and easy outage reporting by customers on the website and smaller utilities complex or difficult outage reporting. This finding implied a different marketing strategy for utilities of different sophistication.

Green Framework, led by CEO Barbara Dutton-Weingarten and Eric Holohan, plans to adapt ten successful green technologies developed for diesel semi-trucks to ocean going diesel freighters.  The project focused on obtaining the data base of 150,000 international freighters.  A third are owner operated, and the remainder corporate shippers. After finding how to get access to the proprietary data, the MBA team of Joe Caponegro, Bobby Frederique, Tori Ioviero, Maahum Naveed, and Andrew Salerno applied a B to B sales strategy to the green technology. The client started the strategy and has landed several serious contacts.

The campus Manufacturing and Technology Resource Consortium (MTRC) helps companies assess their needs, define projects and match them with experts for technology assistance, research and development, prototyping, workforce training, process improvement, and the evaluation and adoption of new manufacturing equipment. Directors Lisa Chichura and Cynthia Colon solicited an MBA team of Dilip Makwana, Zachary Tayler, Xinyu Cong, and Arslan Querishi. They sampled 72 of 10,000 potential MTRC clients, developed a questionnaire to research needs of potential customers, and collected data from eight. Next semester will follow up on all 72.

MobelizeIT is led by CEO Nikolai Joukov who has invented unique software to find, inventory, and catalogue a corporation’s servers.  The larger the corporation, the greater the loss or misplacement of servers. Competitors approaches are labor intensive. MobelizeIT, a startup in CEWIT on campus, is therefore cheaper and faster. As a startup, it needs a strategy to reach largest customers. An MBA team of Kateryna Skilarenko, Lukas Sosnow, Rubing Pan, and Yu Ji collected and analyzed data on MobelizeIT competitors that serve Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft. 

SnappyOX CEO Anurag Puwar designed an educational robotics toy with different shaped one and two-inch parts that can be put together in many different ways to form a robot that moves with a small motor. This can be used in the grade school class room or at home to teach problem solving and engineering. MBA students Cara Chong, Yunna Lin, and Sheng Xu developed an ad for crowd sourcing websites, identified local education institutions as target customers, and researched Chinese manufacturing partners.

MeanTech, led by CEO Ron Tabbitas, has a technology of using platinum plating instead of pure platinum for fuel cells. This technology saves cost of materials of fuel cells.  MBAs Brenden Kehoe, Jianjian Ma, and Xuefen Wu were charged with finding the cost of production by consulting potential contract manufacturers. The cost results from two firms gave insight into potential manufacturing plans.  

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