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            An engineering-business double major teamed with two business majors to plan a health tech startup last fall.  The startup’s plan would deliver a mechanical walking support system for patients suffering from Muscular Dystrophy. Scott Gilroy, a senior business and mechanical engineering student designed the system and with business majors Joe Benedetto and Cory Mahoney wrote a thin business plan for the startup.

            These entrepreneurial students teamed up for this project in BUS 337 Entrepreneurship Across Countries. An engineering major rarely has time in the program for an elective business course. Gilroy was able to double major because of advanced placement as a freshman.  The team wrote thin plans earlier in the course for businesses using technologies in overseas countries. These startup thin plans led them to team up on their own technology startup for the final project.

            A prototype of the walking support system is planned for the spring semester engineering course. The walking system combines design elements of a free stride trainer and a tricycle. The unit cost now is estimated at $4000 but will be refined to make the product. Also, market research is planned for 21 rehabilitation clinics on LI. With these results, the thin plan will be refined and thickened. With product development, cost will come down, and price will be competitive with Honda products. 

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