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Jiyin Cao is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Management at Stony Brook University. She received her Ph.D. from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. Professor Cao’s research sits at the intersection of decision-making, social network, and culture. Her research aims to answer three questions: 1) Globalization has brought people to a more mobile and diverse life. How does this change impact people’s cognition, behaviors and beliefs? 2) How do people mentally construct their social worlds—i.e., their social networks—according to various psychological and situational factors (e.g. gender, status, foreign environment) and how does that contribute to inequality? 3) What are the socio-ecological mechanisms that underlie cross-cultural differences in trust, reciprocity and social perception? Her work has appeared in leading academic journals such as Social Psychology and Personality Science and Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes.

Responses to normative and norm-violating behavior: Culture, job mobility, and social inclusion and exclusion Jennifer Whitson a,⇑, Cynthia S.Wang b, Joongseo Kim b, Jiyin Cao c, Alex Scrimpshire b Organizational  Behavior and Human Decision Processes 127 (2015) 24–35 a The University of
Texas at Austin, Department of Management, McCombs School of Business, Austin, TX 78705, United States b Oklahoma State University, Department of Management, Spears School of Business, Stillwater, OK 74078, United States c Stony Brook University, Department of Management, College of Business, Stony Brook, NY 11794, United States  

 * Richard Chan has won dissertation of the year award at the Academy of the Management, August 12, 2013, Orlando, Florida. Dr. Chan’s research domain is situated at the intersection of psychology, entrepreneurship, and strategic decisions. Specifically, he investigates how actors' cognitive processes, shaped by individual differences and altered by social and ambient environments, influence the identification/creation and evaluation of entrepreneurial opportunities and imitation decisions. His papers have appeared in the Journal of Business Venturing and Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings and won awards at Academy of Management conferences. He serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Management.

Chan, C. S. R., & Park, H. D. How images and color of business plans influence venture investment screening decisions. Journal of  Business Venturing. In Press Chan, C. S. R. 2015. Financing, IPOs. Discussant. Annual meeting of the Academy of Management (ENT),Vancouver, BC, Canada, 2015.
Chan, C. S. R. 2015. Financing, Venture Investment Issues. Chair. Annual meeting of the Academy of Management (ENT),Vancouver, BC, Canada, 2015. 
Chan, C. S. R. 2015. A dual action framework on opportunity identify cation: The influence of trait affect. Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management. 
Chan, C. S. R., Park. H. D., Patel, P. C. 2015. Name fluency on venture investment decisions. Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management. 

* Lily Cushenbery is an Assistant Professor of Management and the director of the Leadership & Conflict Research Lab. Her work in leadership, innovation, and conflict applies science-based approaches to practical organizational problems. Her research focuses on 1) the process by which leaders overcome failures and 2) the dynamics of innovative teams. Her primary research examines the consequences of leader mistakes and mistake recovery on leader-follower relationships. Her innovation research includes constructs such as team member influence, team climate, and malevolence. Dr. Cushenbery's research has been published in The Leadership Quarterly, Advances in Developing Human Resources, Human Resource Management Review, and The Journal of Creative Behavior.  For more information or to apply as a research assistant, please visit the Leadership and Conflict Research Lab at

*  Julia Bear is an Assistant Professor in the College of Business of Stony Brook University. Previously she was a Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology where she was the recipient of a Fulbright Fellowship and a Marie Curie Fellowship. She received her PhD in Organizational Behavior from Carnegie Mellon University, her MBA from Baruch College-CUNY, and her AB from Stanford University.Dr. Bear’s research focuses on the influence of gender on negotiation outcomes, as well as emotions and conflict management in organizations. 

* Ethan Pew
, Assistant Professor, Marketing PhD, 2010, Marketing, University of Colorado, Boulder.  Prior to joining Stony Brook, he was a visiting faculty member at American University, Kogod School of Business and at Purdue University, Krannert School of Management.  Dr. Pew’s research explores the psychological dimensions of investment decision making, subjective time perception, and beauty and aesthetics, as well as how evolutionary perspectives inform consumer decision processes. He was selected as a fellow for 2013 ESCP Young Marketing Scholars Workshop in Paris and has presented his research internationally. Dr. Pew founded and runs the website,  which serves as a centralized resource for the marketing academic job market. MarketingPhdJobs has received generous startup grants totaling $25,000 from the INFORMS Society for Marketing Science and the Marketing Science Institute, as well as endorsements and other non-financial support from leading academic organizations including the American Marketing Association, Association for Consumer Research, Academy of Marketing Science, European Marketing Academy, and Society for Consumer Psychology.

* Noah Smith
, Assistant Professor, Finance, PhD, 2012, Economics, University of Michigan, Noah’s dissertation concerns expectation formation in financial markets. He spent three years working in Japan, where he still returns periodically to do research. He wrote a job market paper titled “Individual Trader Behavior in Experimental Asset Markets” and is working on another called “Private Information and Overconfidence in Financial Markets: An Experimental Investigation.” Smith has taught courses in macroeconomics and has been a panelist for the Institute for New Economic Thinking Task Force. He also writes at the economics blog “Noahpinion.”

* Gökhan Torna, Assistant Professor, PhD from University of Kansas, 2013, conducts research in financial markets, banking and institutions, and corporate finance.  His dissertation, “Three Essays in Traditional and Nontraditional Banking, and Portfolio Decisions”, concerns the impact of traditional and nontraditional banking activities on bank risk and loan portfolio management.  He has published in Journal of Financial Intermediation, and is working on several manuscripts for academic journals. Prior to his PhD, Torna was a financial analyst in a major investment bank in Turkey.  He has been panelist at various national and international conferences and recipient of outstanding paper award in financial market and institutions by southern finance association.

* Keli Xiao, Assistant Professor, Ph.D. in Finance from Rutgers Business School in 2013, the Master's Degree in Quantitative Finance from Rutgers Business School in 2009, and the Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Queens College in the City University of New York in 2008. His general area of research in finance is asset pricing, with a concentration on the studies of financial bubbles and empirical asset pricing. His dissertation aims to analyze the generating process of housing bubbles, and study the major factors associated to housing bubbles. In addition, another area of his research is data mining with a focus on the financial and business data analysis. He has published several papers in refereed journals and conference proceedings in the field of data mining, such as ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data (TKDD) andACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD). 

*  Gerrit Wolf, Professor of Management, PhD Cornell, Gerrit's research on innovation focuses on start-up team composition of inventor and entrepreneur. This mixture has been studied in startups on Long Island, Stockholm, and Budapest. Both inventor and entrepreneur play a role in the majority of start-ups bringing a more competitive product to market and the rare star-ups that change or define a new market.  His research has been published in major management journals.


* Innovation Lab supports faculty research and new product design by any SBU students.  The Lab on the second floor of Harriman Hall is where new products are designed by students, who use 3D printers.  It reflects the setting of technological innovation from the 60s at AT&T's Bell Labs, and is also the place of the foundations of science at SBU.

* Grant applications on innovation brings together CoB and SBU faculty, SBU Technology Centers, and Brookhaven National Laboratory. Gerrit Wolf and Wendy Tang have received PFI NSF Grants that studied electrical engineering students as entrepreneurs.

*Dr. Vladimir Khizhniak from St Petersburg University was a visiting Fulbright Entrepreneurship fellow this year in the Center for Innovation. He collected questionnaire data by speaking in a variety of settings to faculty students and the business community. Contact

* References: Open Innovation Forum in Europe, and Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Wharton School, and Micro Theory of Entrepreneurship by William Baumol. 


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