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Consulting projects for start-ups have been conducted by MBA students. To become a start-up client, contact Gerrit Wolf, 631-632-7744 or by January 15 or August 15.

Startups 2014
Energsytics. Founded by Dr. Reed Philips of SBU developed a patented electricity gener- ator using a novel arrangement of small magnets. MBA Shia Cohn Golan investigated three markets: smart phone battery extension, boat battery support, and bicycle lighting source. (Led to SBU entrepreneur challenge startup winner, Juice+, 2015 by Plinio Guz- man and Shia Cohen Golan)

Feather Board. Founded by construction expert Michael Palazzo, is a light wallboard product that is easier to carry and install. MBAs Xuejiao Yao, Wenjun Dong, and Hao Li, designed a crowd funding promotion and business plan for competing with regular wall- board.

Nano Palladium. Founded by Professor Stan Wong and Megan Scofield in the Chemistry Department, increases efficiency of palladium in fuel cells. MBAs John Saunders, Joslin Kalra, Hang Liu, and Sanjeev Ramaswamy detailed the market structure for fuel cells to determine potential licensees.

Mobileware. Founded by Yun Zhang and located in LIHTI offers the most used smart phone apps displaying train schedules for the greater NYC area. MBAs Lin-Lin Yao, Ting Peng, and Denis Bejar identified databases of businesses near train stations that could and would advertise on the app.

Thermolift. Founded by Paul Schwartz, offers a patented heat exchange technology that can significantly lower the cost of heating and cooling. MBAs Jia Li,
Zhou Yu,
and Zhe Yang researched the potential of Thermolift technology succeeding in the Dairy Process-ing, Brewing, or LNG Industries. Thermolift has raised a million dollars because of business and engineering studies at SBU.

Shift-Group. Founded by serial Stefan Doering, developed a synchronous online course for learning entrepreneurship. This online program is a steppingstone to an online startup game. MBAs Rachael Doukas, Sirui Liao, Peng Xiao assessed the market for Shift group at Universities offering Entrepreneurship courses.

Litmus Technology. Founded by MBA and engineering student Isha Sheth and a partner, developed software for managing the internet of things. This startup in Silicon Valley had MBA students Andres Morales, Pan Xie, Sha Cao, Chen Peiming, and Peng Zhang identify competitor products and business customers for the software.

Heart Rate Tee Shirt & Sports Wrist Band. A health management product developed T9 Sports Technology Inc founded by Xin Liu in China, based on a database for managing athletes. MBA students Helen Deng, Yifei Luo; Chao Wan, Jingyang Xiao, and Hao Yu researched competitors and customers for a US and a China business plan.

Immunomatrix. Created by Kasia Sawicka, PhD at SBU in BioTech developed a patented techno- logy for assessing and treating allergies using a small patch, receiving many national technology awards. MBAs BoRami Lee, Minyi Wu, Jooli Han, Daniel Stern, and Shah- rera Mustafa, researched vaccination markets and challenges of entry.

SecureFind. Created by
 serial entrepreneur Capt Joe Frohnhoefer is a Alzheimer patient locator using cellular and wifi networks. MBAs Michelle Bestercy, Tricia Kubair, Daniella Zajac, Rui Yang, and Lu Yang researched the home and institutional locator markets for customers and competitors and the simplification of the technology.

Radiation Countermeasures. A business idea of Dr. David Schyler of Brookhaven Labs is based on his research. MBA and health management students Mohsin Ahmed, Xin (Sylvia) Liu researched the countermeasures markets for competitors and medical busi- ness customers.

School Source Technologies. Founded by serial entrepreneur Michael Espina, wants to be the CA of the educational software market with comprehensive system for mana-ging K to 12 education. MBAs Qifeng Zhao, Xifeng Zhao, Tengboao Chen targeted school districts on LI. and estimated returns by using E-forms.

Startups 2013
SchoolSource. Start-up by Michael Espina in CEWIT, Students analyzed the 126 education districts and targeted 11 by size and need. '

Charmlab. Start-up by Sha Li in CEWIT.  Students analyzed the Dyslexia market and Chinese language market for potential of the App Capti Web Player. 

INCUTRAC. software for reporting on the hundreds of startups was implemented and hosted by the Long Island High Tech Incubator and Clean Energy Business Incubator Program. 

Thermolift, Ho Joon Lee, Hyung Jin Lee, Lu Wu, Wanyi Xing and Zheming Zeng analyzed potential markets nationwide for startup Thermolift with patented heat pump technology. 

BUNCEE. Alex Stepankovskiy, Prasad Upadhye and Chintan Vora analyzed potential markets for BUNCEE, a Riverhead start-up for delivering rich web content. K-12 Social Media Software, Keith Fiore and Richard Tulipan developed marketing strategies for K-12 social media software. 

Startups Fall 2012
High Tech Startups from LI this fall went for Angel Network Investing with the help from MBA consulting teams. LI entrepreneur Paul Schwartz above of Thermo-Lift after feedback from Silicon Valley VC’s engaged six MBA students in October to research the market opportunities in China, Brazil, Europe and Long Island for a cost effective, competitive heat pump. LI entrepreneur David Chase of MD Chat since September has been working with a team of three MBAs assessing the competition for a new secure system for MDs to share patient information securely

Startups Spring 2012
MD Resident Assessment. What are startup costs and financial returns for Padre, an innovative tool using narratives on an iPad for assessment of resident MDs? Developed by Dr. Chris Gallagher of SBU Anes-thesiology, MBA students Anirudh Balasubraman, Rajiv Ram-nath, and Mandor Sapre assess the Anesthesiology resident market and develop the business plan under supervision of senior consultant Gerrit Wolf. Value is better feedback to and learning by resident MDs.

Virtual Shopping. How can Parooze founder Vinny Gaines bring virtual shop-ping to gamers on the web? Gaming tech-nology offers a fresh avenue to virtual shopping. MBA consultants Matt Grove-man, Shuangfei Jiang, and Vignesh Rajan assess organization, software programing, and funding of Parooze. Value is better shopping.

Flu Vaccine. What is the best avenue for building a business for a new flu vaccine? Codagenix is still in the research stage and needs to show potential markets, revenues and costs for a new flu vaccine. MBA students Kyle Geoghan, Rajaa Mourabet, and Andrea Randazzo consult for senior consultants Joe Scadutto and Mike Bielski of the Bio Tech Center. The value of Codagenix is a better flu vaccine at a lower cost.

Startups Fall 2011
Medical Diagnosis: What are the startup costs and financial returns for PET (Positron Emission Tomography) within an MRI that measures biological processes in small animals? Andrea Gerritt and Dan Barnett, MBAs, with BioTech Center advisors Mike Bieliski and Joe Scaduto consulted entrepreneurs Marc Alessi and Burke Liburt, who are forming Synchropet with scientists at and licensing option from BNL. Potential users are drug researchers and neurobehavioral scientists studying memory, learning and depression. Value is clearer and faster medical tests at a lower cost.

Voice Tweet: What are the markets for voice tweets and how does one gorilla market them? Melody Lin and Jan Yu Chen, MBAs, advised by Michael Lissauer, are consulting entrepreneur Michael Levy and his brother who have founded Shoutomatic. The product is a 30 second voice tweet, sent from a mobile, that expresses birthday or anniversary wishes, personal info, or college recruiting, the focus of this project. Value is the person-alization and novelty of messages. Started Spring 2011.

Green Concrete: What are the costs and financial returns from market segments for kinds of preformed and cast commercial concrete? Andrew Cheng, Julie Wang and Jay Parikh, MBAs, advised by entrepreneur Peter Rusy, consult Steve Woods, licensing officer at BNL. Product is a high grade concrete made from mixing at a high tem-perature waste sulfur from oil refining and a polymer invented by researcher Paul Kalb, BNL. Value is extra strong and chemically resistant concrete.

Online Training: Who are the competitors and customers for online training? MBAs Sarah Robinson Arthur Muller, and Marissa Nihill advised by Michael Lissauer and Gerrit Wolf, consult MBA entrepreneur Craig Vandergoot to market WorkLife Resources. This product uses software to tailor training to needs of business and non-profit clients. Value is saving time and in-creasing learning.

Patient Data Recording: Who are the players and what are the cost savings for accurate data in the ER? Jasper Wilson, MBA, and Touro Law Student, advised by Mike Bielski and Joe Scaduto of Biotech Center consult Jennifer Hsieh of SBU Licensing Office. Product is software, invented by faculty MD, that manages and simplifies patient data record-ing for reimbursement. Users are MDs in the ER and clinics. Value is saving of money and better reimbursement.

Startups Spring 2011
Truk Talk, a startup by entrepreneur David Crane, increases safety and de-creases costs with local area wireless sensors at points of potential leaks on a tanker truck. MBAs analyzed the tanker market. FSA Press, a startup by FSA Director Kevin Kelly, cuts out the publisher and electronically publishes faculty educational materials. MBAs analyzed the SBU text book market. Monte’s Hams, a web based startup by Monte Matthews, sells food products to upscale customers, with MBAs bench marking upscale websites. IDP, an established business by David Sperry, wants to offer business clients a new line of IT services using the cloud if MBAs show the costs are reduced and service is increased. Xiao Inc, a startup by grad student, Hun Xiao, improves web ad effectiveness by rewarding viewers for participation, experimental research by MBAs showed.

Startups 2010
Novel Ergonomics, a startup by SBU medical student Fred Amell, designed a device that relieves back pain for truck drivers, increases driver attention, and reduces accidents. MBAs analyzed the truck market. Palsoft, a startup by Ashish Verma, designs websites for scientists, engineers, and inventors. MBAs analyzed the SBU academic market. BioGlow, a startup by SBU Dr Alexander Krichevsky, invented a way of making a flower glow. MBAs analyzed the potential market for them. Tissue Genesis, a startup by three MDS, offers a treatment that speeds the recovery of rotor cuff repair. MBAs analyzed the market for this product. LIHTI, the SBU incubator directed Anil Dhundale, has supported several 100 startups. MBAs setup a database for analyzing success and failure of startups.

Startups 2009
NeoMatrix, a startup by Dr. Clark, designed a biotech product for the skin and MBAs analyzed the cosmetic market. Village Chairs and Andy Dorman plan to take Shaker Chairs to the web, and an MBA analyzed the potential national market. Cryopreserve Center, a startup by Glen Itzkowitz, sells designer mice for testing diseases, and as an MBA student did a business plan. Celmatix, a start-up by L. Banak and P. Yurttas, uses microfluidics to decrease infertility, and MBAs analyzed the competitors and structure of the market. Whitsons developed non-gluten line of food and an MBA student analyzed the autism food market.

Startups 2008
Star, a startup by Drs. Chu and Hsaio of SBU, developed a new specific site pain medication. MBAs analyzed three pain specific markets. Varud, a startup by Andy Nelson, provides social media data used by advertisers. MBAs analyzed the social media advertising market. Second Opinion, a startup by MD Jalem Srinivas, offers a second medical opinion from US doctors to families of Indian patients. MBAs analyzed the medical opinion market. Solar Esco, a potential startup by Raj Mehta and Marc Alessi, would deliver lower priced electricity to LI retail homes. A market analysis by MBAs showed solar is not ready for the LI market.

Startups 2007, 2006
Intrigma, a startup by computer science graduate Tal Eidelberg, offers an adaptive service for staffing an Emergency Room 24/7, using web based soft-ware. MBAs analyze the software market for Emergency Room Staffing.

, startup by Kumar Passant offering IT consulting to LI business-es, needed a business plan, developed by MBA students. Wireless Meters, a startup by Jacob Sharony and Satya Sharma of CEWIT, needed MBAs to do a market analysis of the Electric and Water Meter Reading market. Textmap, a startup by Computer Scientist Steve Skiena, measures public opinion by daily scraping the attitudes from all english articles on the web. MBAs assessed corporate, celebrity, and political candidate markets.

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